566% Organic Traffic Growth

Impacting a Software Provider with Content-Driven SEO

This case study illustrates the holistic SEO strategy implemented for our IT virtualization software provider that delivered exponential growth in organic traffic.



Information Technology
Software Company

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May 2020 – Dec 2022


The customer is an established software company that specialises in the development of remote server software solutions. Our objective was to create an SEO strategy that could generate a continuous and scalable flow of organic traffic for our client.

Despite being an established business, virtualization software had gained even more relevance since the pandemic, particularly due to the surge in remote work. We capitalised on these emerging search opportunities by crafting tailored content in different formats, with a primary focus on blog articles and a variety of landing pages to demonstrate the company’s offerings.

Search Performance

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Strategy & Tactics​

After conducting an initial analysis, we determined that our client had a strong domain authority due to their well-established business in a high-traffic niche. However, we saw potential for further improving the website’s authority and increasing organic traffic through various strategies.

We accomplished this using a number of strategies:

  • Market Discovery: We started by analysing all products and services offered by our client, as well as its competitors, in order to extract a list of powerful keywords to use. We considered metrics such as Keyword Difficulty, Global and Regional Search Volume and CPC (Cost-Per-Click).
  • Content Planning: We developed a comprehensive content plan that amongst other things included regular articles, updates to existing content, content reviews, keyword research and technical site audits. This approach allowed us to maintain a consistent, well-tuned plan for growth and ensure that we were making progress on the right metrics.
  • Ad-hoc Projects: In addition to our regular tasks, our team also took on ad-hoc projects as needed based on changes in the market or specific opportunities. For instance, the sudden increase in remote work traffic (due to the Covid-19 pandemic) presented a significant opportunity for the business, and our team was able to quickly respond and take advantage of it. This flexibility allowed us to stay agile and capitalise on new opportunities as they arose.


Organic Traffic

Monthly Visitors

Traffic Value

Backlink Performance

Search Performance​

The Blog

The chart below demonstrates a notable increase in blog traffic since we started executing our SEO tactics. The Blog’s Monthly Organic Traffic had experienced a significant surge of over 500% from 2020 to the current date.

Parallels Organic Traffic (Ahrefs)

Monthly Organic Traffic in the Blog Section (Ahrefs)

The monthly visitor average demonstrated an even more remarkable performance, soaring by 4033%.

Finally, the chart below shows an organic traffic value of $56,000 when we first started to collaborate. Presently, this value has reached $311,000 – a 455% increase in traffic value.

Parallels Organic Traffic Value in the Blog Section (Ahrefs)

Organic Traffic Value ($) in the Blog Section (Ahrefs)

Product Landing Pages

During our initial market analysis and discovery process, we identified a clear opportunity to capitalise on unoptimised content in our main competitors’ websites. We included a significant number of competitor-related keywords (their brand names, products and services) in our keyword strategy, through tactics such as product reviews and comparative articles. This allowed us to rank for many of our competitors’ keywords, saving the client a significant amount of money on paid advertising campaigns.

In terms of keyword distribution, money keywords account for 85% of the organic traffic, branded 6% and competitor related 9% of the traffic.

Link Building

Our client had a strong domain authority and a nature of business that had already led to a significant amount of organic link building before we began working together. We focused on leveraging this key strength and, through the promotion of a targeted content strategy, were able to increase organic link building by approximately 949%, from 272 to 2,854 domain referrals presently, 576 being high ranking domains. All without paying a penny.

We see a great opportunity in link acquisition, particularly with a more active approach to help the site rank well in even more competitive search terms. This will likely result in increased traffic from competitors and contribute to overall key performance indicators.

With a unique strategy towards the clients SEO, we concentrated mainly on On-Page Optimisation, content planning and a precise execution, resulting in sustainable growth within a super competitive IT software sector.

We are very optimistic about the future of our client’s SEO strategy, with many more opportunities to grow their organic presence. We will continue to enhance the performance of the website by regularly adding high-quality, targeted content.

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