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SEO content writing is an essential part of any organization’s marketing program and online presence. It is what will raise your site and your web pages to the top of the Google ranking, and distinguish you from your competitors. That rank will inevitably convert to revenue, and that is what will keep your business driving forward.


Success is therefore predicated upon being noticed. Gain Changer’s enterprise SEO services will help you secure those high ranking SERP positions, and ensure that your site, pages, and products are noticed. With more than two billion websites on the internet, focused SEO content methodology is required. Gain Changer can give your SEO that focus, and ensure your organization stands out.

What is SEO Content Writing?

When someone encounters SEO content, the perennial question is always, what is SEO content writing? Well, to put it simply, it is the process or outcome of writing content for search engine optimization, so that your content ranks highly on search pages compared to others.

When you require your site to rank higher in the SERPs, or you want to convert more of your readers into sales, you will require content that has been written with search engines in mind. This means the content must be written in such a way that it focuses on how easily sites like Google or Bing can automatically crawl through it, index it, categorize its content and rank it in relation to certain search terms. If your content is properly written, then when someone searches for ‘most popular dog breeds 2020’, your article will be the first they see.

The content can be anything whatsoever. It can be blog posts, news articles, product pages, or lists (a.k.a listicles). All these forms of content should be optimized for search engine results.

The Benefits of Writing SEO Content

Writing SEO content that is niched, customized and specific has many benefits for your site. Together these benefits will add up to higher rankings, more conversions to sales, or more time spent on your pages for ad revenue.

Here are a few of the key benefits that SEO content can bring to your site:

  1. Increased SERP rank: SEO content will raise the pages of your site from being somewhere on Google’s second page, to potentially the top 3 results.
  2. Grow click-through rate: if people are seeing your site on results, but aren’t engaging with it, then proper SEO content can grow your click-through rate.
  3. Decrease bounce rate: if the content on your website is poor, then you’ll have a high bounce rate, i.e. people landing on a page and immediately leaving. Well written SEO content will give your audience something of value, incentivizing them to not immediately leave.
  4. Better content organization: the content on your site needs to be organized in highly specific ways that are intuitive for readers, but also appealing to Google’s crawling bot. Proper organization can keep readers reading, along with spreading attention throughout your site.
  5. Revenue conversion: SEO content will help increase the conversion rate of your viewers into revenue. If sales are your focus, then proper SEO content will help increase sales by guiding your customers through to their purchase. If ad revenue is your focus, then proper SEO content will help keep readers on your site longer (and more of them).

What Defines a Good SEO Content Piece?

Good SEO content is not like good art, you don’t necessarily know it when you see it, but it stands out. This is because what makes a good SEO content piece is often undetectable to a glance. What makes it good goes on behind the scenes, or under the hood, so to speak. And, that effort makes it rise to the top.
With that being said, here are a few things that help make a good SEO content piece:

Technical SEO optimization

All the technical aspects of an SEO should be well executed and optimized to allow your content to flourish. Without technical SEO optimization, even if your content is good, it is much harder to be seen.

Effective headlines and headings

Headlines need to immediately attract the attention of a potential reader and need to get you higher in the SERP ranks. The difference between being placed third and first may not be much, so a well-written headline will get you that attention.

Customized for a specific audience

Content cannot be generic and aimed at nobody, because if it is, then nobody will read it. Everything needs to be aimed at a specific group of people. Analytics of current engagement can inform this, along with data about competitor engagement.

Content that is informative and accurate

Content needs to be well researched and informative to your audience. Accurate data, helpful insights, and genuinely useful information are incredibly valuable. This will help grow organic engagement for your pages.

Content that is specific to a query or need

More often than not, people use a search engine to find your content. The key here is that it is a ‘search’ engine, meaning they’re looking for your content with a query, question, or problem to be fixed. Good SEO content will focus on answering that query.

Purposeful keyword placement

Keyword placement must be considered and purposeful – packing your content full of keywords will not work. This is particularly true for text that does not sound like natural language.

Why Should I Let Someone Else Write my SEO Content?

If the necessity of why someone else should write SEO content for you is not clear by now, then let us state it clearly: expertise. Expertise is the be-all and end-all of SEO content writing, and without it, whatever your content is, its chances of ranking highly in SERPs are slim-to-none. In short, just as you’d get a coach or a chef to help you get fit or start a restaurant, you’d get an expert to write your SEO content.


The expertise that professional SEO content writers bring is twofold. Firstly, it is expertise grounded in the knowledge of writing copy, i.e. content that is aimed at selling, informing, or is otherwise valuable to a reader. Second, it is expertise grounded in knowledge of how and why Google will rank your pages, and what to do to improve that.

Content is Telling a Story Gain Changer is Happy to Tell

Although it can often be overlooked, content is the main body of any website, and it constitutes the main bulk of the internet – there is more content online than anything else. Because of this, your content needs to stand out and keep the reader interested.


One of the best ways to do this is by telling a story about your organization. Highlighting what your mission is, where you came from, and what you want for your customers. That story, however, must be one other people can easily grasp, otherwise, it will be ignored.


Moreover, the story also has to be integrated into all of your content. It can’t just be a single blog page (‘Our Story’), it needs to be woven into all areas of your site (headings, product descriptions, menu pages, etc.), and it must be optimized for Google’s bots.


In short, your story gives your site value, but both customers and Google need to be able to read it.

What Does Gain Changer Offer?

Gain Changer offers you high quality SEO content writing services, services that will ensure your site and pages will shoot up the SERP rankings. The optimization that Gain Changer offers is also able to increase all of your vital metrics, ensuring your clicks turn into revenue. With our methodology, we can promise you fast and timely implementation of a custom SEO strategy.


  • SEO Content Blogging/Articles: Gain Changer can offer you tailored blog entries that will get viewers onto your site, and which will drive that audience through to generate revenue.
  • SEO Content Pages: if the landing pages of your site need to be optimized to encourage sales, or you want to reduce the bounce rate of your readers, then Gain Changer has SEO copywriting services to suit that need.
  • SEO Content Audits: at Gain Changer we offer full SEO audits of your organization’s sites, which will help identify any SEO flaws. In addition, we’ll gain as much information as possible about the SEO health of your site and plan a dedicated strategy to enhance your existing offering.
  • SEO Content Advertisement: we can offer SEO optimized content to be pushed through social and other distribution channels, which will increase the reach of your organization, and attract visitors to your site.

Overall, Gain Changer can provide you with bespoke on-page and off-page SEO, along with technical optimizations.

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