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We are equipped to handle your link building and content strategy from A to Z.

We build our SEO campaigns on tried and tested business strategies. We base our goals and tactics on hard data to ensure that we design the most effective, results-driven link building campaigns. The long-term ROI for our clients is of paramount importance and the one thing on our minds as we plan and execute our campaigns.

What an average campaign looks like

Phase One

Our first few months are spent working on campaign research, strategy, planning and on-page optimisation.

Consult with Client

We must gain a full understanding of your company, the environment in which you operate, the goods or services you provide, your target markets, any past or present strategy, future vision, etc. Your primary marketing goals for the coming year will also be thoroughly reviewed.

Research the competition

SEO data is open, and as a result, our staff can examine any website and determine why it ranks higher or lower than another site for the same keywords. GainChanger will conduct competitor research that is unique to your industry, figuring out who is currently present in your target search environment, what your competitors have done so far, and most importantly, GainChanger can define with precision what your course of action should be to position you as a dominant player in the market.

Key Research & Planning

Using our expertise in the target industry and with the help of our proprietary SEO tools and technologies, we will be able to assemble a comprehensive plan that clearly details where your main competitors are currently positioned, their performance, their SEO strategy, and what you, as our client, must do in order to compete in your market. We will include hard data, timelines, estimations and clear actionable information.

Website Audit & On-Page Optimisation

We will perform a detailed website audit to identify errors and find areas for improvement. With the data acquired during earlier stages of the process, we will be in a position to plan and suggest a comprehensive list of onsite optimisation action points. 

What an average campaign looks like

Phase Two

With Phase One completed, our team will concentrate on raising the site’s topic and domain authority. We accomplish this by combining  link building, content creation and website optimisation.

Onsite Optimisation

Our team will get very technical here. We will optimise the website’s information architecture, internal link structure, meta data, anchor text, alt text, breadcrumbs and much more to ensure that the website follows all the current search engine best practices, and is also aligned with the best industry learnings previously identified.

Content Strategy

GainChanger will deliver – or suggest (depending on your requirements) – valuable, interesting and topical content for your website on an ongoing basis. If you are to become a key player in any given market, you must aim to become an authority. This can only be achieved by writing top quality, that is structured intelligently, so as to ‘tell’ the search engines that you are an expert in your field, and therefore your content must rank at the top of the search results page.

Link Building

We firmly believe that link building is at the core of any successful SEO campaign. If we wish to achieve a solid and sustainable outcome then a solid link building strategy is a must. We also know, however, that the link building process is extremely technical and a sensitive science. The wrong link building strategy can have a lasting negative effect on a website. Inversely, the correct approach, stemming from an informed tailor made strategy, will offer consistent, sustained growth.

Why you should choose GainChanger

We definitely know our stuff! And there is more... we're not only experts in SEO, our team is made up of people coming from diverse backgrounds in business, marketing, data analysis and technology. Perfection is order of the day for us. Our reputation comes from thorough know-how and proprietary technology developed to respond to the needs of our customers.

At Gain Changer, we place a high value on transparency and communication. We demystify SEO through simple, straightforward explanations and empower our clients with our unique strategies. Because of this, we have a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

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