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Connect with new and relevant affiliates & link building opportunities



SEO tailored to large sites that require strategies & processes at scale

We boost your 
link building.
Affiliate acquisition

We boost your Link building opportunities. Affiliate acquisition.


Accelerate your performance
and grow like never before


Scale up on demand and
discover new opportunities


Improve your efficiency and
gain operational excellence

Gain Changer helps ambitious brands thrive.

We outperform any manual processes

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A service for every industry

Doesn’t matter what niche, country or language you’re after – we can handle it all

SEO Strategies

Strategies that work, no matter the industry

SEO Products

AI driven products that do the heavy lifting for you

Scale up your SEO on demand

Maximize your team’s output without the expense or hassle of adjusting personnel numbers


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Get more done with insights from the GainChanger team.


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Research & Development
Coming up with the genius
idea and bringing it to life
Controlled Testing
Rolled out the service with
our consultancy clients
Beta Launch
Public soft launch: iGB Affiliate
Lisbon & Mexico Affiliate Summit
Company Formation
Incorporated new GainChanger
and launched website
Gain Changer Launch
Official launch at SiGMA and
officially opens for business
June 2018
January 2019
October 2019
November 2019
November 2019

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The Gain Changer Mission

Our primary mission is to uncover the truth about what fuels performance in the digital marketing universe. The SEO, Online Marketing and Affiliation space is cluttered with multiple technologies which interpret relevance and authority based on proprietary algorithms. Broad interpretations. SEO Experts & Affiliate Managers currently navigate several tools to get insights about which affiliates are relevant to their business and which link building opportunities or on page optimisations will actually drive a sustainable increase in organic traffic. We are obsessed with black holes and bridging the gap between big data and mind-blowing results. We deliver automated, smart and scalable on demand packages to select customers. We are the Gain Changers. Your secret weapon to get light years ahead of the competition. Ready for take off?

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