Best SERP Tracking tools you need to know about

Want a convenient and easy way of tracking how your target keywords rank in SERP? We list down the best SERP tracking tools you should consider using.

SERP Watcher

SERP Watcher is a very interactive SEO tool that allows you to track keywords for your domains and get daily changes. It offers an extensive overview of the keywords and their position in both desktop and mobile devices and anywhere in the world.

Once the keywords are added, it displays the rankings on the left along with the search volume and any changes.  On the right-hand side, it gives a detailed analysis of the historical data. It takes into account the dominance index which is an aggregated metric that represents your total percentage of the organic traffic based on your current keyword position and search volume. The higher this value is the more you dominate your niche.

Other metrics they provide are the biggest changes in your keywords, the estimated visits per month and the keyword position flow to immediately know how many keywords changed their positions.

With regards to pricing, it allows for unlimited tracking of domains and a 100 SERP analysis with the basic plan. For more pricing options, visit here.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking comes highly rated by reviewers and claims to have 100% accuracy in keyword rank tracking and uses position tracking in all the major search engines globally and all device types. Apart from Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo, you can also track your YouTube rankings.

It is currently one of the largest SEO tools having over 300,000 customers. At a price of $23 per month, you can get as much as 250 keywords. There are more premium options but with just that amount a month, SE Rankings offers quite a lot.

For instance, apart from keyword ranking tracker, they also offer website auditing, backlink monitoring and analyzing on-page SEO analysis and creates marketing strategy for you.

SE Ranking lays out a historical view of your keyword rankings. It allows you to add projects and groups to organize your workspace. Apart from this, you are also able to compare your rankings with up to 5 direct competitors. This feature gives you access to extensive ranking reports and visibility scores. As can be seen from this screenshot, you are able to see how much organic and paid traffic they generate and which keywords generate the most profit.

You can also pay for just one keyword and track up to 5 keyword combinations. This is a unique pricing feature that is seen only in SE Ranking. For further pricing options, visit here.


Best SERP Tracking - Is it Serpstat?

SerpStat is another great tool that allows you to track a keyword with up to 100 domains. Just like SerpWatcher, it comes bundled with a complete SEO package with Competitors analysis, backlink analyzer, rank tracker and SEO auditing. However, it comes at a price with a hefty $69/month.

Having said that, there is no other tool that gives you such a comprehensive visualization of your ranking history. They use graphs and colour depictions to skillfully show your current state of SEO and PPC campaigns. They also offer a day-by-day positioning table of your keyword rankings. Apart from this, they also include a keywords analysis that lets you have a look at what visitors are searching for.

Rank tracking is SerpStat’s best feature. For any domain, it will automatically list the top keywords and displays how the target website is ranking for those phrases daily. You can also compare to see which specific keywords are ranking best with popular domains. This is a great way of seeing who are your competitors for the keywords you are targeting. However, it only collates data from Google and Yandex, unlike other platforms.


Accuranker is an SEO rank tracker that allows you to run accurate on-demand updates of ranking data from across all major search engines including Google, Bing, YouTube, Baidu and Yandex.  It has over 50 SERP features that you can track using your keywords!

Unlike most SERP trackers, Accuranker gives a historical rank performance rather than a timeline. It also allows you to integrate with third-party software to import traffic, goal and revenue metric data into your ranking reports. These reports can then be used with tools like Google Data Studio to visualize further.

It allows up to 10 competitors, unlimited users and domains and also offers an API to programmatically access your data through REST.

Unfortunately, Accuranker pricing is €99 per month or €89 if paid yearly. Still, with so many features, it is surely worth the price. For more information, view here.

Ahrefs Rank Tracker

Ahrefs is one of the best SERP tracking tools. It offers an extensive SEO Toolkit which has a built-in SERP Rank tracker. You can find the SERP Rank Tracker by navigating on the Rank Tracker button on the top menu. Ahrefs lets you add any domain and immediately displays results of the total visibility score, average position, and a number of keywords ranked for.

rank tracker

Clicking on the keyword aggregation link will show you more detailed information. For each keyword, Ahrefs gives you its position, its search volume, its total traffic, and the location in which it ranked highest. It also displays any SERP features if available. For example, if it’s featured in a snippet or an image pack. Also, You can click the graph icon if you want a visual outlook of how your SERP position is progressing over time.

Ahrefs is extensive in the number of features it has. Apart from SERP tracker it also provides site auditing, site explorer, content explorer among other things. It additionally has an alert system that notifies you of any new keywords or new or lost backlinks. Ahrefs offers multiple packages to choose from. Its lowest price starts at $99/month. For more information on all options, click here.

AWR (Advanced web ranking)

AWR may prove to be one of the top best SERP tracking tools. What makes this SERP tracker stand out is that you can track the keywords in any language. Moreover, it makes use of human search emulation mechanism and geo-located proxy servers to present data with high efficiency.

Impressively it can track rankings from over 3000 search engines over 130 countries. It supports white-label and customizable ready-to-use reports. It also has a very powerful API to query SERP data through REST services. Apart from this, you can integrate your Google Analytics and Google Search console accounts without the hassle and also compare your rankings with competitors in depth.

It costs only $49 per month for basic but offers more options for in-house teams, agencies and enterprises. For more detailed information on their pricing, visit here. If you are looking to try it out, AWR offers a 30 day free trial without the use of credit card.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

The Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker is primarily known for keyword research tool developed by the most popular bloggers and affiliate markets globally. In fact, it’s based on the insights of bloggers and affiliate marketers. Nevertheless, the tool also aids in monitoring rankings for the targeted keywords using its Rank Tracker tool. Since its an expert in looking for long-tail keywords, having a tracker within this system is highly convenient.

It allows you to add 2 URLs to track the rank of the keywords and 30 rank tracker terms per month. Long Tail pro gives a detailed report with rank and date and updates the rankings daily. It also allows you to see the rank history in a chart over a period of time.


Its annual pricing starts off at $98 per month. For further information on each pricing option, see here.


SEMRush has a platform of over 5 million users including brands like eBay, Quora and HP. So why might argue that this is the best SERP tracking tool out there? In fact, it was nominated as the best SERP tracking tool by 67 SEO experts.

Its an all-in-one SEO toolset for digital marketers. Its Position tracking tool allows you to monitor SERP activity globally and locally using a map pack and in all device types.

It has a good way of segmenting ranking performances across tags, devices, location and different SERP Features. Additionally, SEMRush has an easy way to track competitors and monitor which URLs are attracting visitors.

SEMRush has a range of pricing options. Their basic options start at $99 per month.


SERPWoo is known for first introducing the concept of tracking the top 100 pages for a given website is one the most common trackers used. SerpWoo shows the daily activity of your site in a graphical user interface. This enables you to get a clearer idea of your site’s movements.

It helps you monitor and analyze the top 20 results of each target keywords. You can also easily check the historical SERP results and determine why the competitors are ranking higher and optimize your website or article further.

Among other things, SERPWoo allows you to build customized reporting systems and retrieve email notification of changes in ranking. Knowing that you are using a system developed by industry experts of more than 30 years, you can rest assured that your data is accurate. Starting off at $49 per month. Click here for more pricing options.

Final thoughts and considerations

All of these SERP tracking tools have a lot of different features that make them stand out. It all depends on your budget and how extensive and detailed you want your reports to be. If you are serious about making an improvement in your SERP rankings, you should consider investing in one of these SERP tools. It will save you a lot of time and hassle, and at the end of the day, if you see a growth in rankings, the benefits will outweigh the costs.


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