GainChanger joins Microsoft’s growing startup programme

Valletta, MALTA, March 8th, 2020  — GainChanger, one of the first and only companies focused on delivering a full-cycle solution for marketing automation, SEO, and AI, announced today that it has been selected as a qualified partner in the Microsoft for Startups Programme. The programme is designed to support the best upcoming startup technology businesses.

“We are thrilled that Microsoft has recognised GainChanger’s work and selected us to be among the innovative and faster-growing companies in the Microsoft for Startups program,” said Sean Bianco, Co-founder of GainChanger. 

“There is a great synergy between our company’s vision and the Microsoft for Startups Programme. By having direct access to the Microsoft Azure cloud scalable infrastructure and their industry-leading AI models, we will be able to support our customers better. GainChanger, powered by Microsoft, provides an end-to-end solution that analyses, learns, and adapts in real-time to search engine algorithms – allowing organisations to differentiate their business with organic traffic.”

GainChanger Microsoft

The GainChanger Journey

Earlier this year, Microsoft listed SEO as the most important hard skill for marketers. Looking at the GainChanger journey, our SEO expertise, and our learning experience, we could not agree more.

Since search engines do not publish their inner workings, search engine optimisation is a difficult science. It could be too expensive or even impossible to understand the contribution of each variable and ranking factors in this highly dynamic environment. That said, SEO is still a science, and once the mechanisms are clarified, good ranking factors can be expanded and replicated limitlessly.

GainChanger’s expert teams started their journey on the lucky Maltese Islands where some of the most worldwide and innovative software companies share experiences, skills, and visions in the Mediterranean climate.

We started our journey to determine the key SEO ranking factors on spreadsheets and whiteboards, testing hypothesis, and manually crunching numbers to keep up with the constant updates in search engines and competition.

As our strategies scaled, so did our teams and our technologies. We transferred all our knowledge and skills into an AI-based solution to do what we know in a better, faster and more cost-effective way.

Our customers benefit from years of industry knowledge and experience, allowing them to master the SEO skills needed to be successful, responsive and forward-thinking businesses.

With their Startup Programme, Microsoft empowers us to achieve more. Microsoft’s global reach and innovation around Azure Cloud Services will aid us in rapidly growing to become a global company.

Synergy with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

“We are very proud to welcome GainChanger to Microsoft’s Startups Programme where through our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, we will be offering this company all the fundamentals, including a highly redundant, efficient, and scalable infrastructure to build and scale their services. This announcement continues to keep the Microsoft Innovation Centre in line with its commitment to foster a stronger start-up ecosystem in Malta,” said Mary Downing, business development manager of the MIC.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services is the ideal platform for our business operations as it provides all the fundamentals, including a highly redundant, efficient, and scalable infrastructure, allowing us to build and scale our services. Crucially, it provides us with AI services under the Azure umbrella, enabling us to quickly build and train industry-leading AI models to add intelligence to our services. This provides us with insights into how search engines are evolving over time and help our clients stay ahead of the competition.


A tech company based in Malta, obsessed with bridging the gap between big data and performance-driven results in search engines and referral traffic. By incorporating AI and automation techniques, GainChanger provides companies with SEO and affiliate marketing experts at their fingertips. Powered with the Microsoft Development stack and Cloud Azure Services, GainChanger is able to scale strategies limitlessly, without adding manpower and providing consistency. We help customers to eliminate long training cycles while centralising and automating workflows.

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