How to increase your Facebook Page engagement



Have you ever noticed how certain posts from Facebook pages seem to appear in your feed more often? How is it that some pages seem to have more interaction than others even if they have the same amount of following?

Making sure that posts from your Facebook page are more visible in the user feed is essential to grow brand awareness.This article will describe best methods to increase your Facebook page engagement.

How it works…

Here’s an interesting fact about Facebook’s method of determining when or if to show a specific post to a user. The more the user interacts with your page, the more likely the posts from the page will appear in their feed later. The specific term for this is called EdgeRank

EdgeRank takes into account 4 things:

  1. Affinity – Posts will be considered more if users visit the page frequently
  2. Weighting – The type of content posted has different weightings; videos & live feeds, GIFs, and images were found to be of higher weighting. Alternate in these types of contents for best results.
  3. Decay – Time is key, the most recent posts will appear on top in your followers feed. So make sure you post frequently. Keep in mind the statistics we mentioned of recommended daily posts.
  4. Interactions – Reactions, comments and shares you get from your posts.

The higher these 4 factors are, the higher your EdgeRank. This is what you need to strive to achieve. Posting fresh content with high weighting will give you a better advantage. In turn this will increase your visibility in feeds and users engagement with your page

Want more tips? We’re here to provide…

Type of content

It’s not enough to make your page visible on top in search results. Content needs to be interesting enough for users to keep following and interact with your page.

Did you know that Facebook videos have an average of 4 billion views a day? That is proof enough that video content is the sort of content users search for. Something even more engaging than videos? Go Live! It’s been observed that users see live videos 3 more times than normal videos. Increasing these types of content on your page will surely make your page more engaging. 

Posts with a targeted audience

Sometimes you have content that may be interesting but you are just not having much interaction. One reason for this is that your posts may not be targeting the right audience. Facebook has preferences when posting to show only to certain types of users. Keeping your posts open to all may prevent your posts from reaching users that have a higher chance of interacting. 

Know your audience! 

Facebook Audience Insights is a convenient way to do this. By analyzing your current followers, you can get an idea of some characteristics of your users such as demographics, pages most relevant to users, top locations of users and interactivity in the last month such as which posts were shared or liked the most.

All this information will help you in understanding what type of content to post and the times in which to post them.

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