How to rank your page higher in Facebook search

You own a Facebook page but you lack audience and your ability to be reached? What does it take for your page to rank on top when a user performs a search?  

You might be surprised but Facebook search engine is very powerful. Much like Google, it has several factors that contribute to ranking higher. With 600 million active users visiting pages at your disposal, how does Facebook rank different pages? 

To continue with what we mentioned in, Leverage Facebook search engine, here are few more tips to get you started that will make an impact in attaining a spot at the top without the need to pay for Ads.

For pages to rank higher in Facebook search, its recommended to have the following:

Vanity URL and definitive description 

Facebook allows the option for a better readable URL than the automatically assigned number. This can be done by changing the username link of the page.

The description needs to be relatable to the theme/business of the page. Target keywords inside the page description and URL will help increase ranking.

Right category and completed about section

Assure that the category selected, associates to your page. The about section must be filled in completely with identifying keywords.

While this doesn’t necessarily help in ranking, it will make certain you are appearing in the right listings. The right audience is the key to having an active page.

Interlinked Followers 

Having many followers is great. Having many followers invite their friends? Better! 

The more the followers have clustered connections, the higher your page will rank.


The higher the review score, the more likely users are going to select you from the list of other pages in search results. Having a high review score is vital to your ranking.

Post frequently 

Content is one of the most important factors in pages. Once you draw your audience in to check out your page, the content needs to be attractive and frequent. Pages found to post 1-2 times a day were seen to be featured on the top. 

Variety of content 

Two words: Engaging content. Studies show that if the content is more engaging, it is more likely that your community will be active.

Appealing content relates to asking polls, showing live videos that ask people for feedback, and discussion posts. 

Another feature to factor in is that search results can be filtered by photos, videos, links and location. Therefore, it is viable that you include all possible metadata and fill the content with photos, videos and links wherever possible for better reach. 

Social signals and engagements 

Interactivity is essential. The more likes, comments, check-ins and shares users make inside your page, the higher it will rank. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, it’s not about the followers, but rather its about the engaging followers. Post frequently quality interactive content and identify your page in detail. See you at the top!

Stay tuned for more tips, next time we shall focus on how to engage your followers in more detail.

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