10 Proven tips to increase your website organic traffic

Web traffic is what everyone in the online world is after. Relevant traffic is what drives conversions and puts money in your pockets.

Stick around for 10 tips on how to increase your organic traffic and conversions.

1. Tech review

If you’re reading this, the content probably loaded fast enough to keep you around for at least 7 seconds.

Attention spans are constantly declining. If a page takes over 3 seconds to load, you’ve only got another 4 seconds to keep your reader interested before they bounce.

Fast, usable & meaningful content means better conversion and lower bounce rates. All contributing to your organic traffic and bottom line.

Tip: Screaming frog and Ahrefs can help you find other areas that you are lacking from a technical standpoint.

2. Title & meta optimization

SEO titles and meta descriptions are the keys to getting more clicks. It helps search engines understand the topic, keywords and search intent your content satisfies.

More importantly, it’s what people see before deciding to click on a search result.

A quick way to get more organic traffic is to update your SEO titles and meta descriptions to magnetic, impactful headlines.

Attracting more clicks means more organic traffic. Keeping people on the page longer means higher rankings…… and even more traffic.

3. Content extensions

Google likes consistency and up to date content.

Keep track of your rankings and refactor, update or extend your content if you start to drop in rankings.

4. Group MORE relevant keywords on high authority pages

This is an advanced practice reserved for SEO masters that have done it before or newbies that are ready to learn.

High authority pages are those pages that have a lot of interest and backlinks pointing back to them. Both internal and external.

As an example, let’s say that you’re working on an online casino and the SEO title looks something like this:

Online Casino with bonus {bonus type} |  {brand name} 

This would be a real shame. You’re limiting the most interlinked and powerful page on your website to rank on your brand name, online casino and bonus name

Updating to something similar to the below will help you rank on more, high competition and high volume keywords. While lowering your link building costs and boosting overall organic traffic:

Best Online Casino Games & Slots in {country} | {Brand Name}

This way you’ll be able to rank on; best online casino, online casino, online casino games, online casino slots, your brand name, online casino in {country} and many more. 

Caution: Don’t do this unless you’re ready to take a hard hit in the short term, to see more traffic in the long term.

5. Internal Linking

Link, link and link some more. Your site needs to look like a web. Connections between relevant pages.

The more connections there are the easier Google bot and link juice flow through your site. Resulting in more pages appearing in search results and a good distribution of authority through your site. All resulting in more organic traffic.

Bread crumbs, indexes and content silos should be your best friends.

6. Start content Silos

If you don’t know what a content silo is, then get reading. 

Content silo strategies help Google establish your websites around topical areas or themes. This depends on how your group and link your content of a similar nature. 

The result is a higher authority on topics and niches which are difficult to rank on with a single page or post.

You need to show expertise while keeping people interested and on the page. Short posts get better engagement but just don’t cut it when you’re competing on topics that diverge from your website’s focal point.

Create an inter-linking structure between posts and pages that help search engines establish authority around that topic or theme.

7. Low hanging fruit from GSC

No single source of data is ever correct in the world of SEO. 

You’re trusted tools may tell you that certain keywords never get traffic or impressions. But looking at the Google Search Console keywords report would say otherwise. 

So what is low hanging fruit? 

These are keywords which are ranking between position 9 and 25 on Google and are getting impressions.

Now to really classify them as low hanging fruit, you’ve got to confirm that your tools show low to no search volume and competition on these keywords. This means that most likely, your competition is not aware of them.

If your keywords have ticked all the checkboxes, then you are ready to go. Start optimizing those pages and building strategies around them.

You’ll get great traffic volumes in a snap.

8. Set yourself up to trigger featured Snippets

Featured snippets take up a lot of search results in real estate, which means more clicks.

So the more featured snippets you trigger, the more clicks and trust you’ll build.

9. PR & Link Building

It’s no secret that link building directly correlates to high results on Google. If you’re not already doing it, start your journey today!

10. Optimize URL Structure 

We’ve left this for last as this is the first thing you should have planned out before building your site in the first place.

The shorter and more efficient your use of URL structures are, the more efficient your site looks to Google and the end-user.

Unfortunately, if you’ve got a messy URL structure, be prepared to take on the journey of updating hundreds, or thousands of pages and posts.

Implementing loads of redirects along the way. If you’ve done this before, you know that it’s a major headache.

That said it’s all in the name of increasing organic traffic.

Final Thoughts

You’ve worked so hard to get your business or blog online. Make sure you capitalize on every opportunity you possibly can to get more traffic with less effort.

These tips will help some of you double or even triple your traffic if implemented correctly. But no journey starts without a single step strategy and investigation. 

At GainChanger we’ve been helping build web traffic for years. From the start to huge multilingual aged sites. And we’ve got all the knowledge, AI and proprietary software to boost organic traffic on any site. 

So get in touch today for a free 15-minute consultation and start getting more organic traffic today.

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