Integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics

The most critical asset in the world is data, and having access to more useful data is what will help you beat the competition. Integrating Google search console and Google analytics will give you access to better reports as you can combine traffic and keyword statistics. 

What information is provided by Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an awesome tool to get access to a snapshot of traffic statistics on your website. You get access to aspects related to

  1. Site visits
  2. Source of Acquisition
  3. Landing Page Performance
  4. average time on the site 
  5. Bounce rate
  6. Demographic data. 

Google Analytics gives you insight into how the users are using your site, but it does not provide information about the search keywords that generated the organic traffic.

What information is provided by Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console gives you insights on your success when it comes to search results in Google.

 Its primary focus is. 

  1. Details of crawl issues discovered by the Google Search Bots
  2. Listing of sites pointing to your site.
  3. Health information about your website. Mainly an indicator if google detected that your site contains malware.
  4. Services to request Google to crawl the site. 
  5. Mobile Usability Issues
  6. Statistics related to clicks to your web site, Impression, CTR, and Position of search results. 

If you created a new website, the first tool to setup is the search console. It will help you improve your position of google and generate traffic. Once you have traffic, you can start looking into google analytics to see how users are interacting with your site.

Why you should integrate Google Analytics with Google Search Console ?

Once you started to rank on Google and organic traffic is flowing to your website, your next move is to integrate both tools together. You will still need to use the tools independently, but reports of Google Analytics will be enriched with data from the Google Search Console. 

You will get insights on the interaction of the users on your site based on the keywords that you are ranking on google. Allowing you to take better decisions. 

A keyword may be driving a lot of traffic to your site but might not translate into a lead or a sales while a keyword with less traffic might be generating more revenue. This data is essential for you as it will influence your SEO Strategy.

Google Search Console Reports in Google Analytics.

When you integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics, you gain access to the following reports.

Landing Pages

This report will give you the landing pages and the search queries used to land on these pages.


The countries report will provide the countries from where the traffic is flowing and their respective search keys.  


The devices report will give you insights into the devices types used to access your site 


Queries is the most important report as it provides which search terms your site appearing for in the Google search results and the average ranking for each search result.

Final thoughts

As an SEO professional, you have to make sure that you have a good understanding of your tools and optimize them as much as possible. When you integrate Search Console in Google Analytics, you will get the know-how of way the users are interacting with your sites through organic search traffic from Google.  

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