New Product: Link Cost Estimator

The Link Cost Estimator is officially live! This is the first of a series of SEO tools that we will be announcing in the coming months and throughout 2023.

The Link Cost Estimator is the first of its kind. It was built to help SEO professionals estimate the costs of link building in different geo-locations. We have used machine learning to train a model with attributes from over 30k sites covering 15 Geo Regions.

The current version is a simplified public version based on the attributes most commonly used by SEOs to allow them to estimate the cost of buying a link from a site. We plan to further develop this tool with advanced features allowing users to easily predict cost changes over time, seasonality and many other factors.

Understand the market value of your links – try our Link Cost Estimator now!

The Link Cost Estimator tool is part of the Proton Links Portal, which is an SEO suite that we have also released for beta testers.

Proton Links offers users the ability to create link building projects, buy and sell links, articles and domains. We are building a platform that will become the driving force behind the success of your SEO campaigns!

Both publishers and advertisers may apply to have an account with Proton Links. This will follow a validation process that ensures the high standards of our community.

Proton Links is the future of SEO. Come join us, create your account today.

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