Reddit Passive Income – is a side income from Reddit possible?

When it comes to online websites including social media, many of us spend countless hours scrolling on our phone, seeing what is happening in the lives of other people.

However, there is a website, that many consider to be like a social media website for one simple reason.

A website that is addictive once you find the right parts of it to visit.

The website that I am referring to is reddit.

One thing that you might not have known is that as much as reddit is a source of entertainment, it is also a great website when you are looking for opportunities to make money on the internet, specifically reddit passive income.

There are various subreddits, which we are going to look at in this article, that offer you the chance to make money online, based either on opportunities offered by others or even by offering your skills to help others with what they need.

Here are some of the best subreddits that you can find on the site that will help you with reddit passive income.

1. Passive Income

Let us start with the main subreddit that hits the nail on the head when it comes to this post. In this subreddit, you will find a whole range of ideas – some that can be considered good when it comes to making passive income whilst others are not as much.

However, occasionally, there will be a post that is of high value.

You just have to find the golden nuggets amongst the rest.

If you perform a quick search, you will also find that the reddit community is quite a welcoming one, sometimes giving tips and tricks on how to get exactly what you want: a passive income.

So I’m just turning 18 have some savings , want to know how to make it grow

So I’ve always looked at money and thought I want more , probably alot of people have , I would like to learn how to make it grow passively , preferably like to split what I have saved into short term and long term gains , any help or pointers into a direction would be much much appreciated



2. Revshare

If you are looking for passive income opportunities and have some money to invest, this might be the subreddit for you. Here you will find opportunities related to revenue sharing.

What is revshare (revenue + sharing)?

If you have a product that you sell on your website and another person sends a potential client to your site and this person ends up becoming your client (through buying your product), you will share the revenue that you make with the person that sent the newly-acquired client.

This is a revshare in a nutshell.

This might become a source of reddit passive income if you find programs where this can be turned into a process.

It is worth noting that sometimes, it might be difficult to start with no upfront investment  if you intend to make revshare something long-term. Bearing all this in mind, it is definitely not an impossible task and something  can be done given tbe right circumstances.

Adzbuzz Profitsharing – A unique concept

Hello, in this post I want to tell all Revshare fans (or users) about an intersting new concept with some nice advantages compared to “traditional revshare”. The service i´m talking about is called Adzbuzz (or the most popular part of it, in fact there are many other sites and services behind Adzbuzz).



3. Make Money

Following the point I made earlier, here is another subreddit where the community really gets together.

What I love about this subreddit is the fact that many posters ask questions about their specific situation and why they need to make an income online.

Then, in turn, other users get back to them with their (usually) best advice based on their own experience.

This is another great source to check out if you are interested in reddit passive income.

I just want to make some money in order to afford inviting my dad to a special breakfast

I know, he would never ask for it. And as the title suggest, it is not a dire situation. He just had a rough (few) year(s). I don’t have a fiixed income. I have found something he probably would really like to enjoy doing on his birthday – a breakfast on the lake. It would cost 100 € for both of us; not much – but as a student I don’t have a steady income.



4. Beer Money

This is one of the more popular subreddits with around 546,000 reddit users.

According to the community description, you “shouldn’t expect to make a living, but it is possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs.”

There are various filters on this subreddit that can help you find out answers to more specific questions that you might have as you are going through this community.

Is shopify a good place for passive income?

The title says it all. Please give me some guidance on how to start and what to do to make it a success. I just need a kick start.



5. For Hire

If you are someone who can offer a service to someone else, this is where you would advertise yourself.

While this does not really fall under the category of passive income, it is still a great way to find potential clients that you can help and earn money in return.

There is also a variety of posts where people look to hire someone for required specific services.

[Hiring] Female Song Writer & Singer

Hi, I am looking for someone with a lot more experience than me to help finish writing a song and to record it. It doesn’t have to be professional production or anything too crazy. Its a song for my GF and I’d like some help with the direction of it. It would be a fairly short song around a minute or so over a piano/violin/ acoustic guitar.



As is the case of the previous example, there is a wide variety of jobs being offered or that someone needs to hire, so if there’s anything in particular that you can do online, this might be a place of interest for you.

6. Slave Labour

We finish off this post with another reddit that is similar to the previous one but does not really constitute passive income – however, it is well worth a mention.

Many people that need help with a minor task tend to post such jobs in this subreddit and see if there is anyone who has the skillset that they are looking for.

As the name indicates, you cannot really expect to make a big passive income from this subreddit – however, it can also add up if you do a lot of these small jobs.

There are also people who are interested in learning something new and are open to discussing what this would cost them – so it is not about bargain hunters in this subreddit.

[Task] Teach me an actionable skill

Looking to learn an actionable and in-demand skill from start to finish. I’d prefer something on the computer/internet.

I am not too slow of a learner, but I definitely work better with a hands on approach.

Not looking for some theoretical stuff or vague things. Not looking for someone to send me any ebooks. Im not good at learning solo. Not looking to learn dropshipping, i am in the middle of that with someone already.

Would love to see what people have. Feel free to message me with details and cost. Thanks!



Closing Thoughts

In this post, we have looked at the various types of subreddits that you can visit if you are interested in making an income from reddit.

Some of these subreddits offer the possibility of a passive income whilst others  certainly require a bit more work.

Finally, if you are interested in making a side income from reddit, the  above  ideas might be a good source for you  from where to start your search.

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