Google Search Console Adds Review Snippets Reports

Google has added new features inside Google Search Console to help you improve and fix issues with your Review Snippets. These reports give you detailed performance results about click statistics and query usage in search results. It also guides you to how to fix and improve errors in markup to help Google display information in rich snippets.

What are Review Snippets and why should I care about them ?

review snippet is a short extract showcasing reviews or rankings from a website. The snippet is normally an average of the ratings given by reviewers.

If enough valid reviews or rating markup is found on your website, Google shows a rich snippet in the search results or inside its knowledge panel. 

To be able to add reviews, you need to make use of Google’s structured data

Review snippets can help you improve your click-through rate as it provides the user with a visual representation allowing the result to stand out from the other traditional listing.

It will also help you lower your bounce rate as the information exposed in the search result has a better relevancy to users as you provided more context.

Rich snippet enhancement report

This report allows you to see errors and warnings in code, such as missing properties in structured data. The Inspection Tool  guides you on how to fix any issues. .

Rich snippet enhancement report will show the status of rich snippets. The aim is to achieve a complete status. Rich snippets containing an error status cannot appear in Google search. It is important to fix these issues first. Warnings give suggestions to improve the structured data for a better experience for the user. 

You can validate fixes to the effected pages by initiating a recrawl by Google

Rich snippet performance report

This report is added to Google Search Console performance report and focuses on search results performance with your rich snippets.

Records are available such as impressions, clicks, CTR (impressions that resulted in a click), and average position in search results. 

You can also filter further to get statistics about which queries, pages, countries and devices produce more traffic to your review snippets.

Rich Results Test

Google has also added support for review of rich snippets in the Rich Results Tests. A standalone tool that allows users to add a URL or a code snippet to test for any possible errors. Pasting of code allows you to debug any markup code before it gets published to production. 

Tests run on different user agents. Mobile is the default selection as google gives it more importance.

You can also preview how your rich snippet might appear in Google search and change search result layouts if your page is supported.

Final Thoughts and Considerations

Having these reports in place is crucial to improving your visibility in Google search results. Make sure that you add structured data to your review markups to allow Google Search Console to analyse and detect any issues in them.

This will help your site to stand out from the rest of the search results while improving your click-through rate and reducing bounce rates.

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