What are the different types of articles to post of your Blog

Read about the different types of articles you can use in your blog and which type of users you will attract and how which articles will allow you to get position 0 in the google search results.

The following are our top list articles types that you should add to your arsenal as as blogger.

1. List 

Lists article is an article are made of a list. 

Top 5 …

Ultimiate list of …

10 reasons why …

Typically they cover a specific topic. The advantage of a list article is that any topic can be converted into a list article. Although list posts are done to death, they attract the most traffic. They are easy to digest by the reader as a person can skim through the list and get a lot of information without the reader having to go through every section. A study done by sumo shows that visitors only read 20% of your articles. List articles are also easily digested and shared on social media. List articles are also a good opportunity to get a featured snippet in the Google search results.

2. How-to

Everyone loves a task list showing how to solve a problem or how to accomplish a task, be it a recipe of how to cook biscuits, how to change the oil in a car, or how to fix an issue on your laptops. The secret of How-to is research; you need to cover the steps in an easy way so they can be followed by an audience, which is an amateur in the field. 

Adding a video to the article is a great way to show visually how to perform tests. A video has the added bonus that the reader will spend more time on the page.  

As with list articles, it is a good way to feature your content as a featured snippet on google search results

3. Use Cases

A use case is the number one approach to validate your topic as it is based on a real scenario, which makes it relatable to the reader. It is important that the used data illustrates key points in your case study. A reader will gain more confidence if there is a success story behind it. 

4. Interviews

An interview is easy to generate as the interviewee provides the information. As a storyteller, you need to write the content provided by the interviewee in a relatable way. Personal success stories are a great way to engage your reader at an emotional level.

 5. Reviews

In a review article, you cover in detail aspects of a product or service. These articles will require research on the subject. You need to know the product or the service inside out. It is best that you don’t restate information that you find online or worse still, restate marketing material.

It is important that you cover both the positive and the negative aspects. Depending on the subject; it would be best to make comparisons with other alternatives. 

6. Newsworthy Articles

Newsworthy articles are hard to produce but they are the content type that will go viral depending on the niche you are writing about. People want to know the latest buzz about a topic. If something important happened in the industry, it is important that you write about it. Your followers will see you as a true expert in the subject an authority on the topic.

7. Infographic

An infographic is a graphical representation of a topic. It allows to represent a complex topic quickly and in a way that is easily digestible by the audience. All the article types we have listed can be converted to an infographic. This is an added advantage since  you will be reusing past research you have carried out. 

  1. Statistical. Used to display information about survey results.
  2. Timeline. Shows the progress of activity over time
  3. Process. Displays an overview of the steps to accomplish a task
  4. Comparison. Visually compares multiple options and indicated which one is the best option.

Being a visual representation, an infographic will be easily distributed over social media channels

Final thoughts and Recommendations

The articles types listed in the article cover the basic arsenal that you can use to build a large following to your site. Make sure that you use the appropriate article type for the topic at hand. The major aspects that influences google is content quality. Make sure that you content is unique and brings value to the reader.

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