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add site to google console

Add your site to Google Search Console

Having a good grasp of the features of the Google Search Console is vital if you want to improve your ranking on google search results,

detect if site part of pbn

How to detect if a site is part of a PBN ?

Most of the SEO communities regard PBN’s as largely being a relic of the past. However, if someone wants to put enough effort and investment,

Google Features Snippets

How to capture Google Featured Snippets

Ranking number one in Google is great, but ranking position 0 as a featured snippet is a goal that you should not miss. In this

Voice Search SEO

How Voice Search will change SEO forever

Voice search is not a flawed technology anymore and it has crossed the threshold of early adoption and has now become a technology that is

what is seo watch

What is SEO and why should you care?

SEO is the practice of running activity on and off your website to push it up to the top search results for keywords that are

One chance a Gambler won’t take

As our lives become more digitalised and closely intertwined with the internet, our online behaviour is evolving to subconsciously pick up signals allowing us to

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