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javascript seo basics

Javascript SEO Best Practices

JavaScript is used by 95% of the 1.74 billion websites on the internet. Despite its popularity, the majority of websites lack the proper knowledge of JavaScript SEO


Core Web Vitals become Google Rank Factors

Last week Google announced the addition of new user experience factors (Core Web Vitals) that will be used by its algorithm to determine page rank


Reverse Video Search. How-to guide

You may be unaware but it is possible to perform a reverse video search. All you have to do is apply some tricks and you

Hire a blogger to promote your business

Hire a Blogger to Promote Your Business

Having a virtual presence is an important aspect of any business. Building a blog will allow you to build a community and attract new customers.


How to make SEO friendly HTML

What makes an SEO friendly HTML page and why is it so important to have? When web crawlers search your web page, it looks for

Seo schema markup

Schema Markup for SEO

Adding schema markup to your pages is one of the least utilized optimization techniques when it comes to SEO. It may look very complicated. However,

Disavow Links

How to disavow backlinks in Search Console

There are several reasons why your SERP rankings could drop. Unnatural and spammy backlinks may be the case. Google Search Console provides you with the

affiliate manager
Affiliate Marketing

What does a perfect Affiliate Manager look like?

An affiliate manager is a marketing professional that identifies, connects and negotiates deals with marketing sources. So what makes a great affiliate manager? Let’s take

blackhat Google Adwords
Affiliate Marketing

Blackhat Google AdWords: The Dark Side of SEO

Over the years, we have seen a rapid increase in iGaming regulation in different countries like Sweden and the UK, that limit what advertisers can

Online Gambling

Corona Virus: A Boost for Online Gambling?

How will the corona virus escalation, persistence and disruptions impact online gambling? We break down 6 scenarios around how the corona virus can affect customer

Google rank drop

How to recover from a Google rank drop

Getting slapped by Google with a rank drop is frustrating, and recovering can be very challenging. Follow this guide to help you understand why you

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