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google nlp

How to Leverage Google NLP in SEO

Over the years Google has improved its way of understanding the category and quality of a web site. This was achieved through machine learning algorithms

how to sell a domain name ion godaddy

How to sell a domain name on Godaddy

Domain flipping has become quite a lucrative business especially with hosting websites online each day and also changing domain names. If you are new to

pinterest image search

How to use of Pinterest image search

In this tutorial, we will show you how to perform a reverse image search on Pinterest. We also help you create a visual search for


How to use Event Schema for Webinars

Webinars are a good way to close leads while sharing knowledge. In today’s world where everything must be virtual they provide a good way to

howto schema feature

Boost your traffic with the HowTo Schema

Schema markup can increase or improve your estate on SERP results allowing you to attract more users and increase the click-through rate. In this article,

find when a website was published

How to find when a website was published

When researching and citing sources in academic papers, it’s important to have updated references. Date of publication is most often required in the citations. Here’s


Blog vs YouTube. Which channel is better?

When people ask me, what is better, Blogging or Vlogging? My answer is, it depends. Your niche may be more suitable for a particular platform.

Apple bot

Why should you care about Applebot?

Applebot is the Apple crawler that indexes pages that are used to provide search results for products like Siri and Spotlight Suggestions. In this article,

How to stay current on SEO Trends

How to stay current on SEO Trends

Keeping up-to-date with the latest news and trends can be challenging when you are running a business where you have to cater for multiple clients.

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